Energy Briefs

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Energy Briefs

-A new group, Eagle LNG Partners, has formed to supply liquid natural gas. This group, comprised of several large fuel companies including Clean Energy Fuel Corps, Ferus Natural Gas Fuels, GE Ventures and GE Energy Financial Services, plans on creating small natural gas facilities as fuel distributors for large need areas suck as trucking and railways. LNG is becoming a more popular form of fuel, and as such, Eagle LNG Partners has decided to base its operations in Houston to begin distribution promptly. To read more on this, see

-10 countries sent delegates to a meeting called by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power to discuss the need for the U.S. to increase exports of liquid natural gas. These countries suggested that an increase in exports would cause gas prices to lower by adding competition with other countries exporting LNG, namely Russia. This move would also strengthen foreign relations for the U.S. as well as allow smaller countries to have more options to trade with. For more information, see

-In September, 2013, China passed the United States as the world’s largest oil importer. China achieved this as the result of a boom in economic growth as well as a greater need for fuel due to the recently heightened popularity of automobiles. China is expected to be the largest oil importer until at least September of 2014. For more, see

-The United States is expected to be the largest producer of both petroleum and natural gas for the 2013 year, edging out both Russia and Saudi Arabia for the top spots. The U.S. has increased its production amounts each year since 2008 in both petroleum and natural gas. Russia and the United States have been close to even in production of fuel sources over the past two years, and 2013 is the first in a few years that a significant margin of lead has been seen. For a chart of production levels and more information, see