How Tech Giants Manage Their Energy Needs

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How Tech Giants Manage Their Energy Needs

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Major tech companies today take different approaches in their individual quests to find and use clean and renewable energy in order to power their massive data centers.

Microsoft recently announced its intentions to purchase a wind energy farm outside of Chicago. The farm will put power into the Chicago grid, from which Microsoft’s large data center in Chicago draws its power. Last year, Microsoft made a similar agreement to buy wind power from a similar facility in Texas, which would service its San Antonio data center. Microsoft uses hydroelectric power for its data center in Washington state.

Google relies primarily on utility deals and contracts for its energy supply, but has taken multiple active measures to clean up the way it uses its power. Google’s measures have included smart cooling controls and other technologies to avoid wasting energy.

Apple, however, unlike Microsoft or Google, chooses to build and own its own power. Apple owns some of the largest clean energy facilities in the world.